To use MMCTV resources, a person must:

Live, work or go to school in Richmond, Jericho, Underhill, or Old Pump Road in Essex, Vermont, or have an affiliation with an organization based in one of those towns which is recognized as a MMCTV, Inc. organizational member.

Sign an agreement to follow the Policies and Regulations of MMCTV, Inc. as put forth in this document.

Have signed a “parental consent form” that will be kept on file at MMCTV if the member is under age 18.

MMCTV Courses are offered on as-required basis.  You can request training by contacting MMCTV by telephone or email. Workshops and / or individual instruction are offered to familiarize members with new production resources. Workshops and courses are given under the direction of the MMCTV staff.

MMCTV offers training covering basic studio production, field production, editing and computer graphics. Workshops are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Members must have completed any advanced course pre-requisite before signing up for advanced workshops. Orientation sessions are a prerequisite for all other courses and workshops.

To use MMCTV Equipment or Studio
A community producer must complete the required orientation

Equipment / Facilities Procedures

Equipment and facilities may be used for making programs for cablecast only on the MMCTV, Inc. PEG Channel. Use of equipment for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Anyone who produces programming using MMCTV, Inc. access facilities and equipment retains ownership of the copyrights to that program. However, MMCTV, Inc. retains the master and reserves the right to replay all or part of the program over the channels at its discretion.

MMCTV, Inc. equipment may only be used by a community member who has agreed to comply with MMCTV, Inc. Policies and Regulations, and has completed training pursuant to the policies and regulations. Equipment must be utilized in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

Users should identify themselves as public access producers and volunteers, not as staff or employees of MMCTV, Inc.

Users under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian fill out and sign the “Parental consent portion of the compliance form,” which must be on file at MMCTV, Inc.

Producers are expected to keep any equipment / facility / edit suites / studio reservations and arrive on time for such reservations. Members must give a 24 hour notice when canceling any reserved use of MMCTV, Inc. facilities, studio, or classes. If a member is more than 30 minutes late without notification and approval, any reservation may be canceled.

Do not attempt to repair equipment yourself. Only MMCTV, Inc. staff can authorize repair of any kind to the equipment. Any problems with the equipment must be brought to the attention of the staff immediately. The user is responsible for any damage done to equipment by misuse.

Members are expected to clean up after themselves when using MMCTV, Inc. facilities.

Eating or drinking is allowed in designated areas only.

No animals are allowed in the building without the approval of the Executive Director.

Any alterations or additions to MMCTV, Inc. equipment at any time is off limits unless each occurrence is authorized by the MMCTV, Inc. staff.

Equipment Sign-Out

Remote Equipment Check-out / Return Procedures

All remote equipment must be checked out / in by MMCTV, Inc. staff.

Equipment must be returned at the time indicated on the equipment check out form.

In order to sign out equipment, users must sign all required forms.

It is suggested that producers set up and test the equipment before leaving. All first time users are required to set-up the equipment before they are allowed to check it out.

Members are reminded that equipment must not be left unattended or left overnight in a car. MMCTV staff reserves the right to limit the amount of equipment which any one individual or group may reserve.

Reservations are made based on availability.  Reservations will be honored based on MMCTV station priorities.  Government meetings receive the highest priority.

Users are responsible for notifying staff that equipment has been returned. If there are any problems with equipment, the user should fill out an equipment failure report.

Users may not borrow additional equipment until all items have been returned in good working order.

Editing / Facility Usage

A producer must be properly trained in order to schedule and use the editing suites or facilities.

Requests and cancellations for use of MMCTV, Inc. editing suites or facilities shall be made with the staff.

Users under the age of 18 who wish to schedule the editing suites or facilities must have written permission from their parent or guardian, on file.

Producers are encouraged to limit use of the studio or editing facilities to a 4 hour block of time.

A time may be reassigned if the producer is more than a half hour late, without notification.

After Hours Editing

Members are responsible for and must obtain keys, security operations, and forms, through the Executive Director only.

Lock all major entry doors while editing.

Members using after hours editing time are only allowed on premises during the time which was scheduled and reserved, and only for editing.

Only those persons listed on the after hours editing form shall be permitted to enter MMCTV, Inc.’s premises during after hours editing.

Do not attempt to repair editing equipment. If a problem arises, your edit time has ended.

Keys must be returned within three working days after editing time.

Use of the Studio / Control areas

A producer must be trained for studio production prior to scheduling use of the studio and control room.

Reservations for the studio and control room should be made with the staff prior to use.

Scheduled studio time should include time needed to set up, break down and clean up in studio. It is generally good practice to allow at least one (1) hour before and after the time needed to tape the actual production for set up and clean up of the studio.

Users under 18 who wish to schedule the studio or participate in a studio production must have written permission from a parent or guardian, on file.

The producer is responsible for assembling their own crews for the production. MMCTV, Inc. staff should not be expected to fill in as crew for productions.

Crew position assignments are the responsibility of the community producer. All studio crew must be trained or approved by the MMCTV, Inc. staff.

Producers who cancel studio time must do so at least 24 hours in advance of the production.

Media Storage

MMCTV will provide one DVD disk or videotape for a program master per project. Members may purchase additional DVDs from MMCTV. MMCTV staff reserves the right to limit the number of DVDs provided to any one member.

Any producer who wishes to have a copy of the master of their program may make one copy with MMCTV, Inc. equipment at any time that does not interfere with production. MMCTV, Inc. will provide one DVD disk to the producer for this purpose. Community members may purchase program copies.


MMCTV, Inc. has an insurance policy for equipment while it is being used by members. Premiums are paid by MMCTV, Inc. and the policy is in MMCTV, Inc.’s name. In the event that equipment is stolen or damaged due to negligence and the insurance company honors the claim, the member is responsible for the $250 deductible payment. In the event the insurance company does not honor a claim or a claim is less than the $250 deductible payment, it is the responsibility of the member to reimburse MMCTV, Inc.. Members may ask the board for a determination of negligence. Negligence will be determined by a vote of the Board of Directors. The vote by the Board of Directors will be the final decision. Members are reminded that equipment must not be left unattended or left overnight in a car or in a manner which might damage the equipment. Equipment may not be used in hazardous situations without prior approval of the MMCTV, Inc. staff. If equipment is stolen, a police report must be filed immediately. Due to insurance coverage, a MMCTV, Inc. staff member should be informed when equipment is to be taken outside the community.

Members covering public meetings which are the responsibility of MMCTV, Inc. are not responsible for accidental damage of equipment. However, normal care and precautions should be taken during the set up, taping, and dismantling of the equipment. The equipment should be returned to the studio after the shoot or locked in a pre-approved designated area at the site of the shoot.

Members are encouraged to resolve difficulties on an individual level.  If a resolution is not forthcoming, the Executive Director or his / her designee is authorized to issue verbal warnings and suspensions for violations. If requested in writing by the Executive Director, the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Board of Directors may assist in the clarification or interpretation of the MMCTV, Inc. Policies and Regulations. However, it is the responsibility of the Executive Director to issue warnings and / or suspensions.

Anyone may submit an appeal or a complaint to a designated Ad-Hoc Committee of the Board of Directors. They will receive, review, and follow up within 10 working days on all requests submitted in writing. The Ad-Hoc Committee may submit the issue to the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting. Also, a member may appeal the decision of the Ad-Hoc Committee in writing to the Board of Directors. The decision of the Board of Directors is final.

MAJOR VIOLATIONS will result in an immediate suspension of membership. These may include, but are not limited to:

verbal or physical abuse of staff or other members
possession or use of illegal substances, alcohol or weapons on the premises of MMCTV, Inc.
intentional destruction of equipment
installation or down loading of any software of file on a MMCTV computer.

MINOR VIOLATIONS may result in a verbal warning, or a suspension of privileges. These may include, but are not limited to:

misrepresentation to others of member’s status or affiliation with MMCTV, Inc. including participation in government meetings which the member is recording for cablecast on MMCTV
failure to thoroughly clean up and neatly put away all equipment after using MMCTV, Inc. facilities
having food or drink in non-eating areas
handling off limit equipment, i.e., playback equipment, satellite controls
use of equipment without staff permission
late pick up or return of equipment without notification and approval
use of MMCTV, Inc. facilities and / or equipment for the sole purpose of profit making. Profit making does not include payment for services.
smoking in MMCTV, Inc. facilities
attempted repair of equipment
any violation of after hours edit policy

MMCTV, Inc. will accept interns at the discretion of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. Students receiving college or high school credits are encouraged to intern.

Because MMCTV, Inc. acknowledges the effort and time of volunteer producers, MMCTV, Inc. will make every effort to cablecast their programs multiple times. Those wishing to have programming placed on MMCTV, Inc. are to submit a Cablecast Request Form. Consideration will be given to special requests for time slots. Requests for a time slot (single program) and for consistent time slots (program series) will be honored within the constraints of scheduling. However, first run programs will have priority over re-runs in scheduling. MMCTV, Inc. reserves the right to assign time slots for all programs and make changes to the schedule as needed.

Producers may request a time slot, but final scheduling is at the discretion of MMCTV, Inc. and may change without notice. MMCTV, Inc.’s programming schedule endeavors to reflect sensitivity to age appropriate time slots.

Before cablecasting, all programs must be clearly labeled with the:

Producer’s name
Title of program
Date to begin airing
Date when program becomes obsolete (if applicable)
Total run time

MMCTV, Inc.’s staff reserves the right to withhold cablecasting of programs which do not meet adequate technical standards.

Audio quality of all disks and videotapes must be constant and of sufficient level to permit adequate reproduction by transmission equipment.

Producers must fill out and sign a Cablecast Request Form with every program submitted for cablecast, unless the program is part of an ongoing series.

A series program is one that is produced on a regular basis. Failure to maintain production of a series will result in loss of time slot. Series program producers must fill out a Cablecast Request Form upon submitting the first program for cablecast. Every six months the series is in production, the producer must resubmit another Cablecast Request Form. A Cablecast Request Form must be signed and submitted with the tape.


Users of MMCTV, Inc. and program producers are fully responsible for the content of all program material. The following material is prohibited by law:

Any obscene, libelous, or slanderous material
Any lottery information
Any materials designed to promote the sale of commercial products and services
Any invasion of privacy
Any violation of trademarks, copyright, or publicity rights which might violate any local, state, or federal laws
Any illegal activity

Users must obtain in writing, i.e., Talent Release Form and Minors Permission Form and produce upon request all necessary approvals, clearances, licenses, etc. for the use of any program material which the user cablecasts, including but not limited to, broadcast stations, networks, music licensing organizations, performer’s representatives, and any and all other persons as may be necessary for authorization to cablecast program material. A responsible adult shall execute the necessary assurances that authorization has been obtained concerning use of any equipment by a minor and / or appearance of any minor on a cablecast program. Such adults shall be responsible for liability resulting from the use of equipment or any appearance by a minor.

MMCTV is an impartial participant in government meetings.  Producers recording governmental meetings for cablecast on MMCTV are expected to record the event for cablecast and not to participate in the meeting itself.


Political candidates are subject to the same policies and regulations as other users of the public access channel. The nature of public access is that everyone in the community has equal access to the facilities and channel time.

Shows by candidates will be cablecast on a first-come / first-serve basis.

Shows will be cablecast for up to one month prior to the election or vote.

Shows will be rotated through the programming schedule so that they will be cablecast a minimum of three times per week.  Schedule rotation is used to distribute shows across the morning, afternoon, evening and weekend programming time slots.

Shows may not solicit financial support.


Recordings of periodically scheduled governmental meetings such as – but not limited to – town selectboard meetings will be retained by MMCTV for 6 months.  Copies of such programs may be obtained prior to the expiration date through means described earlier in this document.

Copies of programs not covered above will be retained per the instruction of the producers.  MMCTV reserves the right to delete programs and recycle their disks after one year in order to deal with library space limitations.

The MMCTV Community Bulletin Board is to be used by non-profit and community groups to publicize activities and events. Messages from Richmond, Jericho and Underhill based organizations will receive priority to those from outside the MMCTV viewing area. Space permitting, messages will run for up to 6 weeks prior to an event.

Commercial advertising is prohibited from the channels. Acknowledgment of underwriting by businesses, organizations or grantors providing monetary or other assistance to the making of the program may be included in the program credits. Some language restrictions apply. Sponsorship credits may not include qualitative or comparative language, price information or other indications of value or savings, a call to action, an endorsement or inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease a sponsor’s product or service. MMCTV staff must be consulted as to the proper language for crediting program sponsors.

MMCTV, Inc. staff can publicize programs in two ways. Two weeks notice is needed to be listed in local newspapers and on the electronic bulletin board. In addition, producers are encouraged to work with the staff in the preparation of promotions for upcoming programs.

Any individual or group submitting a proposal for grant funding for a project which involves use of the MMCTV, Inc. facility must obtain prior written approval from the MMCTV, Inc. Executive Director. Moneys from grants may be used to pay for equipment, crew, producer, rentals, etc. at the discretion of the person who received the grant. All programs using MMCTV, Inc. facilities must credit Mount Mansfield Community Television, Inc..

Drafted/Approved 1999, updated 4/8/19


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