Community Senior Center Videos

MMCTV has filmed CSC presentations at the Richmond Free Library for years, and most recently we’ve streamed their virtual talks on a host of topics. Click below to watch.

Penny Patch and the SNCC 10-21-21

Beaver Rescue 10-8-21

Travelogue: Croatia 9-30-21

Peter Youngbaer & Ken Moore: Caves & Cavers in VT 5-12-21

Naomi Galimidi: VYCC & the Monitor Barns 5-11-21

Sophie Mazowita: African Wildlife 5-5-21

Rob Mullen – Paint ‘n Paddle Studio 4-29-21

Travelogue: New Zealand 4-22-21

Midnight Goat Farm 4-19-21

Travelogue: World Travels with Tom Rogers 4-5-21

Birding on Monhegan Island with Maeve Kim 3-31-21

Huntington Herpetology with Cynthia Sprague 3-24-21

Shay’s Settlement with Steve Butz 3-22-21

Spring Gardening with Paul Feenan 3-4-21 and (part 2) 3-11-21

Town Meeting History 2-28-21

Life in Kosovo with Matt Coates, former Peace Corps volunteer 2-25-21

Summer Bulbs with Kathleen LaLiberte 2-19-21. Also Spring Bulbs (2/12/21) and Dahlias 2-26-21.

Hidden Ohavi Zadek Mural 2-16-21

Life on the Other Border 2-3-21

Red Scare in the Green Mountains 1-11-21

Travelogue Series: Canal Trip 12-17-20

Click here to find a full, downloadable list of all past MMCTV recordings of Community Senior Center videos on Internet Archive.