Tech challenges

We are “in between” live streaming solutions at the moment, still streaming many Richmond meetings via our Livestreaming unit (on website and using our new Teradek unit to stream directly to our server via ethernet.

Our new server is also offering some codec challenges, as we are delighted to finally be in the position to create just one output file (preferably H264) for 3 purposes: 1) our server 2) Vimeo site  3) archives.  But now we need to find that ideal codec…which of course is always a moving target depending on cameras and editing software changes over time.

Channel 17 launch

Very exciting! Our new channel (and revamped existing channel) are cablecasting, as of 5am yesterday!  Now there is twice as much MMCTV for all. We are still working on  improvements and graphics on our new bulletin board software, but everything seems to be humming along.


It’s happening very soon. We have purchased a new broadcast server system (a big step that happens every decade or so) and we are preparing to add a second channel to local Comcast subscribers’ channel lineup as of April 9th. Depending on the cable changeover, you will very soon see all local meetings on our new GOVERNMENT CHANNEL 17.